IBIS Instrumentation Canada is pleased to announce its exclusive distributorship in Canada for Alpha Omega Engineering, the Israeli developers and manufacturers of a complete family of modular setups for extracellular recording.

Use of this state-of-the-art equipment has many advantages. Consider the following:

These pages feature the main components of an
Alpha Omega setup:

For more information on Alpha Omega equipment, please contact us.

EPS and MT
manipulates a large number of extracellular microelectrodes simulaneously and independently to record activity from the nervous system.

Modular, Flexible and Compact
Begin with a small number of electrodes and upgrade easily to more than 16 channels. Testing from different areas and angles of the brain simultaneously is a huge benefit due to its modularity, flexability, and compactness. Since each electrode can be manipulated individually, you have the optimum ability to ensure the best recording results.

High Resolution, Long 
Working Distance
The EPS has a long working distance of 40mm and a resolution of 1 µm. This enables you to reach any brain location, even in large animals, and place the electrode exactly in the desired position to achieve optimum recording conditions

MT: Microdrive Terminal
for holding and initial positioning of the microelectrodes

This device, placed on the animal skull, holds the microelectrodes, and connects them via the flexible shafts to the EPS (see figures at right). One MT can handle up to 8 electrodes. The base consists of a XY manipulator table (see detail photo at right), which allows 16 mm movement in each direction. The initial depth of the electrodes can be set by a Z-axis adjustment knob (40 mm movement). A further 40 mm of depth control with a resolution of 1 µm can then be obtained by use of the EPS.

Overview of a full setup. Two Micromanipulators, connected via flexible shafts to two Microdrive Terminals, mounted on a perspex dome (representing the animal's skull).

Detail of the bases of the Microdrive Terminals.

EPS Windows Software
User-friendly software (running under Windows 3.11 or Windows 95) gives greater control and flexibility...just click the mouse to apply a command on one or several electrodes. This applies to grouping, positionings, and moving of the electrodes.

Modular, 8-250 Channels
Rather than buy several systems for numerous channels, save your budget and lab space by having one modular system that can handle 16-250 channels. The MCP-Plus comes with a minimum of 16 channels. More channels can be added in multiples of 4.

MCP-Plus 8, 8 Channels is a non-modular 8-channel amplifier and signal conditioner.

500 Gain Selections

No matter how large or miniature the signal, with 500 applicable gains, you can select the best amplification for the signal.

Low Pass, High Pass Filters
Regardless of the bandwidth of the signals, with hundreds of high and low pass filter selections, you can choose the optimum filtering.
The task of controlling and setting the parameters for many channels is made easier with this user-friendly software that runs under Windows.


  MCP-Plus Technical Specifications 
  MCP-Plus modules and components:   
    Analog I/O modules 
    Control Module 
    Linear power supply / Isolation Transformer 
    Linear power supply for head stage 
    Power cord 
    Communication software package 
    Communication cable
      Dynamic range 
      Input impedance 
      Frequency response 
      Noise ( 1 Hz- 10 kHz BW ) 
      Differential Inputs CMRR 

      Offset control (R.T.I) 
      Gain selection (including HS  gain) 
      High pass (2 pole Butterworth) 
      Low pass (4 pole Butterworth) 

      Sine wave generator (for impedance measurement)
      RS232 serial communication with PC
      Baud rate

± 10V 
1 MOhm || 2pF
DC - 10 kHz 
< 10 µV  p-p
110 dB 
± 50 mV to ± 3 V
up to 63,750 
DC - 1kHz 
100 Hz-10 kHz 

100mV , 1 kHz 

  Linear Power Supply  
      Line voltage

      Power consumption 
      DC outputs 
110V AC, 60Hz or 
220V AC,50Hz 
+12V, -12V, +5V
  Linear Power Supply for head stage  
      DC outputs
 12V, 0.5A
      Rack mountable 
      Weight (MCP-Plus8)
19"W x 10"H x 16"D 
6.5 Kg

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  • Handles up to 8 channels
  • Isolates up to 3 different spike shapes per channel.
  • Template-matching algorithms
  • 2 window discriminators can be used in addition to template.
  • Continuous comparison prevents loss of spikes.
  • Double match detection.
  • Provides firing rates.
  • Displays undetected spikes.
  • Adaptive templates mode provided.
  • Very low detection jitter "less than 16 micro seconds".
  • Interactive Template Definition without interrupting the sorting.
  • User-friendly software

Unsorted Spikes

Template Definition - 8 Channels

Sorting Mode - 4 Channels

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