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New! The world's smallest implantable blood pressure monitor just got smaller
Data Sciences International (St. Paul, MN) have recently released the latest addition to their already very impressive range of implantable telemetry products: the Physiotel® PA-C20. This blood pressure monitor provides accurate and reliable chronic (and acute) measurements from laboratory mice and other very small animals. Compared to conventional methods, studies have shown that implantable telemetry can humanely provide higher quality data and reduce animal use by as much as 90%.
The device measures 1.9 cc in volume, and has been implanted with consistent success in mice weighing 27 g or more.

The PA-C20 employs a 0.4 mm diameter pressure sensing catheter, micro- miniature electronics and a radio transmitter tosend the blood pressure signal from within a freely moving mouse to a receiver located near the cage. Like with all of Data Sciences' transmitters, there is no need for tethers, restraints or percutaneous access sites.
The technique of implantation resembles that of the familiar C40 package in rats, however, it has been found that mice are much more sensitive to the process of implantation than are rats. However, experienced animal care specialists have been able to achieve an implantation success rate of > 90%.

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