The Technology

A Data Sciences System consists of three basic components:

PhysioTel Implants are small implantable devices that include one or more sensors, electronic amplifiers, a battery, and miniature radio transmitter and antenna. This device senses, processes, and transmits information digitally from within the animal. Implants are available in various package styles to accommodate a wide variety of applications and anatomical locations. Implants have been used to monitor various physiological parameters in mice, hamsters, rats, ground squirrels, rabbits, ferrets, dogs, primates, cows, sheep, goats, wood chucks, bears, badgers, and other species. These devices can accommodate your protocols that require chronic implantation thanks to a contoured physiologic shape and biocompatible coatings very similar to those used on human cardiac pacemakers. These devices are provided fully tested, calibrated, and sterilized - ready for implantation in your animals.

PhysioTel Receivers convert the radio-frequency signal from the implant to a digital pulse stream that is readable by Dataquest Data Collection Systems or by Data Sciences analog adapters. Receivers are available in three styles to accommodate most types of animal housing including plastic and metal cages, metabolic cages, runs, pens, and wet environments.

Dataquest Data Collection Systems (LabPro, A.R.T.) provide an easy, convenient, and reliable means for collecting telemetered data. A.R.T. (Advanced Research Technology) replaced the earlier LabPro system in May 1997. This PC-based system is plug-compatible with the PhysioTel telemetry system and is ideal for collecting telemetered data from large numbers of animals at regular intervals. The system provides a high degree of flexibility in selecting sampling rates, features extracted from telemetered data, filtering, and other configuration information via a Windows-like graphical user interface. If you already have a data collection system that suits your needs, Data Sciences provides adapters that will interface PhysioTel implants with nearly any system you might have.

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