Telemetric Monitoring of Spontaneous Activity

      Information about the animal's spontaneous activity can be recorded with all transmitters manufactured by Data Sciences International. In fact, this variable is not transmitter-dependent. Monitoring spontaneous activity is a function of the receiver, rather. Here is a brief description of how it works.

      The telemetry implants transmit a highly directional signal. Therefore, not only changes in transmitter position, but also in its orientation cause a change in signal strength picked up by the antennae in the receiver. Whenever changes in signal strength exceed a certain threshold level, a digital "activity counter" is incremented by one count. This counter is read by the DataQuest® acquisition program at the time of sampling. The value is then expressed as number of counts per unit time (to be selected by the user).

      Due to this design, there is no single transmitter in the
Data Sciences Int'l series to monitor activity only. If your study protocol calls for simultaneous measurement of activity and one or more other physiological variable(s), please consult our pages on Pressure,  Temperature,  Biopotential, or MultiplusTM  implants.

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